Writing Research Papers... Is there a faster and simpler way? Yes!

When you're writing research papers, it's not a big secret that trying to find and save time is fast becoming an issue for a lot of students, so...

When you’re working, going to school full-time, and probably managing a family, saving time all boils down to establishing set priorities and managing your time and efforts as efficiently as possible.

Now that you've looked through some examples of the research papers, you probably have a pretty good idea about how you want to write your papers.

Your life will be a lot easier now...

Your Secret Weapon - The Best Spinner

Trial Period - Totally Risk Free

  • Built-in spelling and grammar checking.
  • Compare any two papers side-by-side to see how unique the two papers are when compared to each other, and have duplicated text highlighted.

We all know how to do the research, but sometimes paraphrasing research material just isn't easy. Once you have your material, you need to know what to do with it.

This is where I spent countless hours at first...going through my thesaurus trying to pick out synonyms for each and every word to try to make my paper unique content that wouldn't be slapped by the plagiarism checker.

I was really frustrated when I was writing research papers.

Then I tried to find ways to make my life easier. I did all the hard work and spent a lot of money on finding the something to make my life easier so I could have more time with my family.

Let me just say I had to hide the credit card bills from my spouse showing much I spent. It was a few hundred dollars. :-)

Then...I finally found it. The Best Spinner. I certainly wish that I would have had access (or even thought about) using a secret weapon like this in my undergraduate program.

How to use The Best Spinner...

1. Choose some content (either from an Internet article, free essay, or material from your research books on your particular subject when you're writing research papers

2. Copy the material to The Best Spinner like this (I am using the Epidemiology Paper from NUR 408 in this example)

3. Next paste your selection into The Best Spinner like this:

4. Then put your cursor at the beginning of the sentence and tab through each word to see the different synonyms available at the bottom of the spinner (there are quite a few that you will be impressed with).

Make sure you click the replace button at the bottom just like in the example above.

If you don't, each synonym you select will be placed in the sentence. In other words, it will keep the original work and put in the synonym. You want to replace the original word.

5. Now click on the "Spun Article" tab like this:

6. Then click on the TBS Check tab to check your work against anything out there on the Internet.

7. Correct anything that comes back plagiarized and then TBS Check it again until it is 0%.

8. I always checked my work in the Plagiarism Checker on the University of Phoenix website as well. The check always came back good, that's why I call The Best Spinner "old faithful".

9. Now, just copy and paste into your Word document and you are good to go. Proofread everything before you submit your paper.

This is the best Secret Weapon you can have when you're writing research papers. I am using this for Graduate School as well. :-)

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