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The community I have chosen is Jacksonville Florida, where I reside.

This city lies in Duval County but borders Clay and Nassau Counties. Jacksonville is in the Eastern Time Zone and sits at approximately 12 feet above sea level. The city is 757.7 square miles with 1,074 people per square mile. The total population was 813,518 as of July 2009. According to City Data (2010) the median household income in 2009 was $46,312, the median the median detached home value was $224,676, and the cost of living index was 89.0. Jacksonville reports that 15.6% of residents have incomes 50% below the poverty level, and an unemployment rate of 11.5% (City Data, 2010). About 51.6% of the population is female and 48.4% is male. 82.3% of the population in the city has at least a high school diploma. Of residents 25 age and older, 21.1% have a bachelor’s degree, and 6.5% hold a graduate or professional degree (City Data, 2010). More than 50.9% of the population is married and the average household size is 2.5 people (City Data, 2010).

Community Aspects Affecting Health for Windshield Survey and Reflection

The median resident age in Jacksonville is 33.8 years. I have identified several areas of concern that can affect the health of the community. Obesity is one of these areas of concern. Jacksonville has an adult obesity rate of 27.5% and a diabetes rate of 10.4% (City Data, 2010). According to Active Diner (2010) there are 1,910 fast food restaurants in the city. Another potential for health risks is the drinking water. There are several water stations with reported violations of having the contaminant Coliform in the Jacksonville area. All water stations were cleared after the follow-up reports (City Data, 2010). Another aspect of this community identified that can affect health is the potential for injury from motor vehicle accidents and violent crimes. Many of the younger population in Jacksonville speed; they race each other sometimes in the middle of the day. On October 29, 2010, police released a press statement about the dangers of street racing after a fatal crash occurred killing a 24-year-old male (The Florida-Times Union, 2010). The city is also home to 1,548 registered sex offenders with charges ranging from lewd conduct with a child under 14 years, to attempted rape, and sexual battery (City Data, 2010). According to CLR Search (2010) in the 2009 crime risk index, Jacksonville had a murder risk of almost twice the national average and a motor vehicle theft risk of almost50% higher than the national average, while personal crime was almost three times as high, and robbery was over two times as high as the national average. Rape, assault, and burglary risks were assessed at almost two and a half times the national average (CLR, 2010).

Healthy People 2020 Health Indicator for Windshield Survey and Reflection

The Healthy People 2020 health indicator I have chosen is overweight and obesity. My area of specialty is geriatric nursing. Patients receive medical treatment on a daily basis for health conditions related to obesity. Many suffer from chronic diseases, such as... [continues]

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