Windshield Survey 3 - NUR 405

Windshield Survey 3 for the NUR 405 Course

The first step required for providing community health nursing services involves a comprehensive assessment of the community. This can be accomplished by a windshield survey, conducted by making visual observations from a car while driving through the neighborhood. Valuable information and data collection during a windshield survey can be used to identify the health-related needs of the community and evaluate the need for additional community health services. Delaware is divided into three counties; Kent is centrally located between New Castle and Sussex County. Kent County is home to the state capital, Dover. I have chosen Kent County Delaware, where I reside, as the focus for my windshield survey.

Community Health Defined

According to Stanhope and Lancaster, (2008, p. 192) “A community is defined as a social network of interacting individuals, usually concentrated in a defined territory.” Members within a community interact with each other in local businesses, schools, hospitals, and churches; this interaction creates a sense of belonging and purpose within the community. Community health recognizes the specific health needs of the community, offering resources and health education to improve community health outcomes. Community health is defined as “the meeting of collective needs by identifying problems and managing behaviors within the community itself and the between the community and larger society” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008, p. 347). Community health is not limited to improving outcomes of an individual suffering from a particular disease or illness, but concentrates on the improvement of the community as a whole. In public health nursing, the community rather than an individual becomes the client. Although individuals make up the community and nurses may assist individuals, priorities remain focused on the health care needs and outcomes of the community as a whole. Determining the effectiveness of interventions and evaluation of outcomes relies on data collected from members within the community.

Aspect of Community Health

Specific characteristics and health concerns have been identified, affecting the health of current Kent County residents, such as limited access to healthy foods, shortage of primary care physicians, and limited availability to recreational facilities promoting fitness. While there are a few local farmers within the county, residents have extremely limited access to healthy food outlets such as organic foods and produce from grocery... [continues]

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