Watsons Theory of Caring

Examples of a Watsons Theory of Caring paper for NUR 403 (Theories and Models of Nursing Practice).

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Excerpt from this paper: Major Theory Assumptions

The major theory assumptions in Watson’s theory of human caring are health, nursing, environment, and the person. When the client incurs an insult that renders him or her in need, but transpersonal process between the client and the nurse is considered a healing nursing intervention. An assumption of Watson's theory is that all persons require human caring to quell human needs. Hence the transpersonal process of caring, or the caring between nurse, environment, and client, is essential to healing. Caring promotes the notion that every human being strives for interconnectedness with other humans and with nature (Jaworska, 2009).

Example 2

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Excerpt from this paper: Health (Harmony) is redefined as the unity and harmony within the mind, body, and soul with a harmony between self, others, nature, and openness (Watson, 2008). Watson also defines health as a subjective experience and a process of adapting, coping, and growing throughout life that is associated with degrees of congruence between self as perceived and self-experienced. She also believed that health and illness functioned simultaneously as a way of stabilizing and balancing one’s life.

According Watson (2007), the word “nurse” is both a noun and a verb there is a nurse as a person and a nurse as responses and behaviors. Generally nursing consists of "knowledge, values, philosophy, commitment, and action with some degree of passion, the knowledge, value, action, and passion are generally related to human care transactions and intersubjective personal human contact with live world of the experiencing person” (Watson, 2007, p. 53).

Example 3

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Excerpt from this paper: One of the carative factors of developing a trusting relationship has to be in place for a transpersonal relationship to occur. In the transpersonal relationship, a mutual instilling of faith and hope are present as described in one of Watson’s carative factors. Developing a transpersonal relationship with a patient has to involve a cultivation of sensitivity toward the patient and being able to support and protect them in their environment is essential for this kind of relationship to occur.

Example 4

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Excerpt from this Watsons Theory of Caring paper: Watson’s theory views the patient as body, mind, and spirit. There is a healing space between the nurse and patient with a conscious awareness of caring and healing. This will lead to a higher degree of healing and health. Environment is also made into a soothing atmosphere to promote healing of the body, mind, and spirit. “Collectively, the art of transpersonal caring allows humanity to move towards greater harmony, spiritual evolution, and perfection. Such a union of feelings and caring communication renders accessible to humans all the knowledge discovered by the experience of and reflection upon preceding generations as well as people in one’s own time. The art of transpersonal caring in nursing makes accessible to a person a sense of humanity and intersubjectivity experienced by previous individuals and contemporaries in similar human conditions” (Watson, 2007, p. 69).

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