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Watson Job Aid for NUR 405

Theories based on caring recognize the importance of the relationship between the nurse and client, with an emphasis on the nurse’s role in providing support through the means of human caring. This is fundamentally the basis of Jean Watson’s theory. Her theory of human caring is a philosophy and science of caring along with humanistic nursing (Watson, 2009). This presentation will focus on: the explanation of the new professional model of caring-healing practices; the values, ethic, and moral ideals that support this practice; the philosophy, theory, and sciences that inform their creation and utilization; steps to enhance shared learning and original scholarship to benefit mentoring; and steps to disseminate Caring Science models of clinical and educational scholarship and professional excellence in community nursing practice.

Explanation of the New Professional Model for the

Watson Job Aid

Jean Watson first differentiated between nursing and medicine by stating that curing is the domain of medicine, and caring is the domain of nursing. She proposed the Ten Carative Factors, which are now refined and known as the Ten Caritas Processes, that involved embracing altruistic values and practicing loving kindness with self and others; instilling faith, hope, and honoring others; by cultivating sensitivity to self and others by nurturing individual beliefs and practices; developing helping, trusting relationships; promoting and accepting positive and negative feelings by authentically listening to another’s story; using creative scientific problem-solving methods for caring decision making; sharing teaching and learning that addresses individual needs and comprehension styles; creating a healing environment for the physical and spiritual self which respects human dignity; assisting with basic physical, emotional, and spiritual human needs; and opening oneself to mystery and allowing miracles to enter (Watson Caring Science Institute, 2011). Her theory was developed over a span of time from 1979-1985 (Watson, 2009).

Jean Watson provided some suggestions for how to cultivate and activate the intentional caring-healing practice of nursing. The first the nurse is to begin each day with a spiritual practice of his/her choice, including establishing intentions about what the nurse can control and then letting go of what they cannot control as a nurse. Second is to be mindful of nursing as a spiritual, Spirit-filled practice. Third is to develop sensitivity in the daily nursing activities seeking to be grounded in spirit. Fourth is to seek to identify the spirit-filled person behind each client or coworker. Fifth is to use all experiences, both joyful and sad, as lessons to help the nurse grew more deeply into humanity. This includes seeking help and guidance when the nurse needs it. Sixth is to commit to practicing heartfelt intentions daily to the best of the nurses ability. Seventh is to offer gratitude at the end of the day. Eighth, and last, is to create the nurse’s own intentions and authentic practice to cultivate caring consciousness and meaningful internationalities (Cara, 2003).

Values, Ethics, and Moral Ideals for the Watson Job Aid

The major theory assumptions in Watson’s theory of human caring are health, nursing, environment, and the person. When the client incurs an insult that renders him or her in need, the transpersonal process between the client and the nurse is considered a healing nursing intervention. An assumption of Watson's theory is that all persons require human caring to quell human needs. Hence the transpersonal process of caring, or the caring between nurse, environment, and client, is essential to healing. Caring promotes the notion that every human being strives for interconnectedness with... [continues]

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