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This article was too good to pass up. When researching current events for the vulnerable population, I came across this article by Mechanic and Tanner (2007). Even though it is three years old, it is still very current and rings true, especially in our current economic status.

Defining vulnerable populations is not complicated. Looking at the results of societal changes, more people are at risk for health problems. Groups that are especially susceptible and identifiable for health-related problems and as vulnerable populations include the poor, the homeless, migrant workers, abused individuals, older adults, pregnant adolescents, and people with sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS.

Many of these vulnerable population groups will fall into one of two categories: the poor or the homeless. The United States is currently facing many economic, social, and political challenges related to the delivery of healthcare services to vulnerable population groups. As a result, many vulnerable populations are underserved because of the high demand for services, lack of services, and limited availability and access to services (Edelman & Mandle, 2002).

According to Mechanic and Tanner (2007), “values affect how society views the vulnerable-as victims or sinners- and thus whether or not to provide public assistance” (p. 1). In my opinion, this article should be posted for the class to see. It encompasses material that enlightened me, and brought back some not-so-fond memories from years ago.

Barriers That May Prevent These Populations from Obtaining Needed Services:

Per the article by many of these vulnerable populations live in poverty. Living in poverty means being unable to meet the financial demands of basic living expenses, such as food, shelter, and clothing. The poor population has... [continues]

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