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Visual Data Display and Uses

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According to Bennett, Briggs and Triola (2009), “the normal distribution is a symmetric, bell shaped distribution with a single peak. Its peak corresponds to the mean, median, and mode of the distribution. Its variation can be characterized by the standard deviation of the distribution” (p. 198). What makes a distribution normal? “It must have values clustered near the mean so that it is single peaked, or unimodal. The values must be spread evenly around the mean so that it is symmetric. Large deviations from the mean must be increasingly rare so that it has the characteristic bell shape” (Bennett et al., 2009). The standard normal administration of medications has been the MAR which is a paper record used to administer patient medication. The focus using the MAR is the responsibility of the nurse to correctly verify the medication being given to the correct patient at the correct time and the correct dose. There have been a few studies as to the effects of medication error showing that “less than 2% of medication errors are intercepted at the patient bedside” (Helmans et al., 2009). This has prompted the use of the BCMA which is a bar code assisted medication administration in hopes of decreasing the amount of medication errors reaching the patient.

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This study shows the difference on medication errors before and after the implementation of the BCMA. Looking at the tables 1 and 2 there was an improvement to medical surgical units but not the ICU units. Table 1 shows that the length of stays after BCMA was longer at 5.8 to 4.6 before BCMA, as well as decrease in discharges versus before BCMA from 86 to 82. Table 2 shows before BCMA medication errors were high at 88 on medical surgical units and 374 on ICU units (Helmans et al., 2009).

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