Vision For The Future
of Nursing

VISION FOR THE FUTURE OF NURSING FOR NUR 391 (Professional Nursing Practice) at the University of Phoenix


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Vision For The Future of Nursing

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Excerpt from this paper: The challenges of health care today include making theory-based practice a reality. According to Hayes (2011), the “application of theory to clinical situations will depend on the ability to develop models that are operationalized with the nursing process” (p. 114). The question for the future is should one theory be used or continue the use of several theories and models. The advantage of one theory is that a common framework is created, which can enhance communication and research. Using several theories increases the understanding of the nature of nursing and its scope.

Example 2

Nursing in the Future

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Excerpt from this paper: To stay current and be aware of new evidence of best practices nurses should pursue continuing education by attending seminars, reading, journals, and acquiring memberships to different organizations (Chitty & Black, 2010). Nurses need to base their clinical practice on observed evidence to optimize client outcomes, to provide cost-effective safe practice, and to enhance the credibility of nursing care. Although nurses are in the position to add toward more clinically effective and cost-effective client care, nurses need skills and resources to assess, implement, create, and apply the best evidence in practice.

Example 3

Vision for Nursing

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Excerpt from this paper: The major reason that was identified for the deteriorating number of nursing enrolment and the increase nursing shortage was image and value. Back in 2000 the American Nursing Association realized that the image of nurses and nursing was skewed (Kany, 2001). The association revealed that at that time there was lack of awareness and value for the nursing profession.

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