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Travel Guide to India

Slide 1: Introduction for Travel Poster

  • Requirements for travel to this country
  • Immunizations needed before travel
  • Safety and security information
  • Diseases indigenous to this country and your risk for contracting the diseases

Planning to travel can be fun if the necessary steps are taken. Many people fail to find out what needs to be done in order to travel to a foreign country. Americans tend to take for granted that all countries will have the same standards that the United States has for their people. In order to be better prepared for travel to India, this presentation will cover such diverse topics about the requirements for travel to India, immunizations needed prior to traveling to India, safety and security information in India, and diseases indigenous to India and the risk for contracting the disease while there.

Slide 2 for Travel Poster

A Little About India!

  • “Unity through diversity” is the theme of the approximately one billion people that live in a country that is so big, it’s called a subcontinent!

India is full of history and rich with culture. To people in America, it appears exotic and surreal. The Indus Valley civilization, by far amongst the most ancient on the earth, goes back at least 5,000 years. Some of the Aryan tribes out of the areas from the northwest penetrated the area around 1500 B.C.; their integration together with the prior populace produced the traditional Indian way of life. Arabic invasions commencing inside the eighth century and invasions of Turkish nature in twelfth century were proceeded by European merchants and traders starting in the later fifteenth century. By the nineteenth century, the United Kingdom had acquired power over the majority of Indian territories. Nonviolent opposition to British colonialism under the leadership of Mohandas Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru resulted in India's freedom around 1947. Then the subcontinent ended up being split up into the state of India and the smaller state of Pakistan. Another conflict involving the two countries in 1971 contributed to East Pakistan evolving into the independent nation of Bangladesh. Key concerns in India range from the continuous dispute with Pakistan over Kashmir, significant overpopulation, environmental deterioration, substantial poverty, and racial strife in spite of impressive gains in economic investment and output (, 2011).

Slide 3 for Travel Poster

India’s People Come in All Shapes and Sizes, Just Like American People

  • People with different clothing
  • People with different religions
  • People with different foods
  • People with different celebrations

India can be summed up with one word: variety. It is a land long recognized for its spices and with that being stated, India has proven to society that variety really is the spice of life there. India provides the interplay of a motley of... [continues]

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