Team Strategies Presentation


Team Strategies Presentation

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Excerpt from this paper: (Put the information into Powerpoint format). Teamwork can be challenging, yet rewarding. This is a presentation about the intricacies of people working together towards a common goal- the action of teamwork.


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According to Mickan (2005), there are six major characteristics to any given team: purpose, goals, communication, leadership, cohesion, and mutual respect. Purpose is the vision the team has looking forward. Here is where the questions are raised: What can be accomplished together (Mickan 2005)?

Mickan (2005), described goals as “an intermediary link between the team’s purpose and its outcomes” (p. 8).

Goals are usually the focus of communication in the group because they usually set the pace for the amount of communication and modalities. An example of a team’s goal would be to complete a team Power Point.

There is usually one team leader assigned that manages the team. In a well-organized team, delegation and conflict-resolution usually is a team leader’s duty, but can be shared by the team in order to resolve any issues (Mickan 2005).

Cohesion can be described as the meshwork that holds a team together, their commitment to each other, and understanding of human elements (Mickan 2005). According to Mickan (2005), “Through participation in team tasks and consistent communication networks, individuals built up a sense of commitment to the team and trust of other members. Cohesive teams had a unique and identifiable team spirit and individuals shared enjoyment and pride in their achievements” (p. 9). Team cohesion builds mutual respect, which is a belief in each other despite any differences in beliefs or backgrounds. All of these characteristics combined lay the groundwork of a good team.

There are so many benefits of working on a team when you bring a diverse group of people together you can achieve greatness! One benefit is that you can distribute the work load and accomplish your goal much quicker. Each team member has...

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