Statistical Applications Quiz 5


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Week Five Quiz

Terms and Definitions matching

  • L Statistics
  • N Discrete variable
  • C Statistics
  • S Continuous variable
  • J Population
  • F Qualitative data
  • M Population parameters
  • R Quantitative data
  • G Sample
  • H Mean
  • B Bias
  • D Mode
  • O Representative sample
  • Q Median
  • P Experimental study
  • T Unimodal
  • A Observational study
  • K Relative frequency
  • I Double-blind study
  • E Standard deviation
  • a. A study in which researchers measure or observe characteristics of the sample members
  • b. Any problem in study design that tends to favor certain results
  • c. Science of collecting, organizing, and interpreting data
  • d. The most common value in a distribution
  • e. A single number commonly used to describe the variation in a data distribution
  • f. Data consisting of values that describe the non-numerical categories
  • g. Subset of the population from which data is obtained
  • h. The sum of all values divided by the total number of values
  • i. Neither the participants nor the experimenters know who is in the treatment group or control group
  • j. The complete set of people or things being studied
  • k. For any data category, the fraction or percentage of the total frequency that falls in that category
  • l. The data that describe or summarize information
  • m. Specific characteristics of the population
  • n. Quantitative data that can take on only particular values and not other values in between
  • o. A sample in which the relevant characteristics of the members are generally the same as the characteristics of the population
  • p. A study in which researchers apply a treatment and then observe its effects on the subjects
  • q. The middle value in a sorted data set
  • r. Data consisting of values representing counts or measurements
  • s. Quantitative data that can take on any value in a given interval
  • t. Single-peaked distribution

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