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Week Three Quiz

Comparing Variations:

1. For the following exercise, complete the following by using the data sets below (there are two separate sets of values, one shows the ages of Presidents from Washington through Jackson and the other shows the ages of the seven most recent Presidents):

A. Find the mean, median, and range for each of the two data sets.

First set of numbers: Mean: 58.28571 Median: 57 Range 4 Second set of numbers: Mean: 56.14286 Median: 54 Range 23

B. Find the standard deviation using the range rule of thumb for each of the data sets. Please show your work. (Please see Chapter 4, Section 4.3, page 173 of the text).Standard deviation = 61 – 57 = 4 4 / 4 = 1 1 is the standard deviation using the range rule of thumb.

Standard deviation = 69 – 46 = 23 23 / 4 = 5.75 5.75 is the standard deviation using the range rule of thumb.

C. Compare the two sets and describe what you discover.

You could interpret that younger men are being elected president from past trends.The standard deviation shows an increase.

The following data sets shows the ages of the first seven presidents (President Washington through President Jackson) and the seven most recent presidents including President Obama.

Age is given at time of inauguration.

First 7: 57 61 57 57 58 57 61

Second 7: 61 52 69 64 46 54 47

2. Any given data set consists of a set of numerical values. Please indicate by stating yes or no for each of the following statements whether or not it could be correct for any data set. (This question is not referring to the data that is given above.)

A. There is no mode. According to the book on page 146 “A data set may have one mode, more than one mode, or no mode.” yes

B. There are two modes. Yes

C. There are three modes. Yes

3. Indicate whether the given statement could apply to a data set consisting of 1,000 values that are all different.

A. The 29th percentile is greater than the 30th percentile. Not Possible

B. The median is greater than the first quartile. Possible

C. The third quartile is greater than the first quartile. Possible

D. The mean is equal to the median. Possible

E. The range is zero. Not Possible

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