Professional Values for the BSN Student

Examples of a Professional Values for the BSN Student for NUR 403 (Theories and Models of Nursing Practice)


Example 1

Professional Values for the BSN Student

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Excerpts aren't necessarily from the first page of these research papers.

Excerpt from this paper: Define Human Dignity- According to the AACN (2009), human dignity “is respect for the inherent worth and uniqueness of individuals and populations” (p. 1). Within specialized health care practice, human dignity is normally shown if the nurse appreciates and values all patients and fellow workers.

Identify how nurses demonstrate this value: Nurses demonstrate autonomy by respecting the clients’ right to decide and protect those clients who are unable to decide for themselves. This principle reflects the belief that every competent person has the right to determine his or her own course of action (Lewis and Sterling-Soule, 2006).

Discuss how you demonstrate this value: I demonstrate the principle of autonomy by respecting the client’s individual liberty. An example is when a patient chose to smoke after a diagnosis of emphysema. I respected the patient’s right with a non-judgmental attitude after the proper education was provided.

Example 2

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Excerpt from this paper: A nurse will respect a patient’s dignity by trying to cover or drape the patient during invasive procedures and nurses respect a patient’s religious or political ideas. Human dignity is something that I believe I achieve as a nurse. Because I do not work on the floor I achieve this in different ways. I try to educate the nurses in my classes about the different tools available in the software program and how this can help to improve patient safety. I show them the tools they can use to document religious preferences so that other staff members are able to respect the patient. I try to understand “how they practice with respect for the inherent dignity, worth, and uniqueness of all individuals and how this correlates with an EMR  (Kalb & O’Connor, 2009, p. 196).

Example 3

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Excerpt from this paper: Human Dignity - Human dignity is defined as “the state or quality of a person being worthy of honor and respect” (Clark, 2010). Nurses maintain human dignity in patient care by always giving respect and ensuring the protection of their patient’s privacy. Also, dignity can be maintained by treating all patients equally, providing emotional support and helping to maintain their body image (Lin & Tsai, 2011).

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