Personal Philosophy of Nursing 

PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY OF NURSING PAPER EXAMPLES FOR NUR 391 (Professional Nursing Practice) at the University of Phoenix


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Personal Philosophy of Nursing

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Excerpt from this paper: Many people in nursing simply do not take the time to care. An open mind and humane treatment of the patient is the key to therapeutic nursing. The nurse must remember that the patient has feelings too. Many forms of caring and uncaring behaviors exist, and the nurse needs to differentiate between the two. According to Cossette (2008) caring is not being “physically present, but emotionally distant” (p. 708). Nursing is a state of mind and a way of life for the caring nurse.

Example 2

Personal Nursing Philosophy

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Excerpt from this paper: Patient teaching can be the key to teaching patients how to live a long productive life. I believe the focus of nursing is the patient or the focus should always be about providing the patients with quality care, giving them and providing them with the support they need to take care of themselves.

Example 3

Philosophy of Nursing

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Excerpt from this paper: When caring for each patient, the nurse has to take into account a patient's differences whether they are cultural or even spiritual and respect those differences. This is also true for the patient’s family members. Each of them need to be treated with the same respect that would be afforded to a patient. Every person will act differently when they are under stress when a family member is sick or hurt. The nurse has to remember that the family is an extension of the patient and in a sense, all of the family members are part of the patient.

Example 4

Examples of Philosophy of Nursing

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Excerpt from this paper: My upbringing has weighed tremendously on my ability to develop my personal nursing philosophy. The morals and beliefs instilled in me by my parents from birth to early adulthood helped to mold me into the nurse I am today. Those morals coupled with the Christian influence from my grandfather who was a Baptist preacher and my grandmother who has worked in the church in many capacities most of her life, helped to develop a sense of service to others.

Example 5

Nursing Philosophy Paper

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Excerpt from this paper: I chose nursing as my profession because I have always had a desire to serve and educate others and nursing has given me an opportunity to do that. Nursing is a rewarding career that gives the greatest opportunity to save lives, comfort, and care for those in need. The nursing profession tends to run in my family and have inspired me to become a nurse as well. This profession is the most demanding and helpful profession in the world.

Example 6

Nursing Philosophy

Excerpt from this Personal Philosophy of Nursing paper: I believe that the focus of nursing is in the best interest of the patient. Every patient is unique and patient care is adapted to fit each individual patient. A plan of care for each patient should be written and followed specifically for that patient. Regardless of age, sex, religion, class and insurance coverage; patients should be treated equally.

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