Organizational Structure Paper
for NUR 492

Example of an Organizational Structure Paper for NUR 492 at the University of Phoenix.

Companies must have a specific type of structure to maintain organization, employment enhancement and satisfaction, and patient safety and satisfaction. Organizations must learn to change their management techniques and communication skills to meet their economical and political needs and to meet financial expectations. Organization of communication is essential for clear, smooth management of operations in any type of company, and there are many types of organizational theories to work with and change to if the times and environment call for it.


At St. Francis Hospital a classical organizational theory is in use for communication and management of the facility. With the classical organizational structure, there is a hierarchy of authority and responsibility and division of labor is based on specialization of each employee’s abilities (Sullivan & Decker, 2009). St. Francis has many departments that each have their own communication hierarchy. In the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) the communication ladder is depicted like this, from bottom to top of the chain: the bedside staff nurses, charge nurse, Critical Care nurse manager, Acute Care Services Director, and the president of the company. Each person is in charge of certain functions on the unit including patient care. When other functions are needed which are out of the departments (nursing staff) function ability, like an x-ray (radiology staff) needed, the radiology department is called in for assistance. St. Francis Hospital is currently using the classical organizational theory but is slowly developing the use of the systems theory to meet the needs of patients, the environment, and the financial needs of the institution and the community.
Supportive environment

The classical structure organizational theory creates an environment of support for the client centered care by providing a clear distinct chain of command and when answers are not easily found it is very easy to know who to go to with concerns and questions to get answers. The classical organizational theory is... [continues]

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