Organizational Structure and Culture Paper for NUR 492

Example of an Organizational Structure and Culture Paper for NUR 492 at the University of Phoenix.

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the organizational structure and culture of the facility where I am currently employed. In this paper the subject to discuss is how the structure of the hospital creates an environment of support for client centered care. In this paper the topics of information systems, communication methods, and decision- making ability with culture and organizational structure of the agency will be discussed. Also included is how communication and reporting is accomplished in an informal and formal way. The issues of power and control as well as leaders in the organization will be addressed. The social and cultural influences of the community and integration into the delivery system will be discussed. Last, the generational differences that influence the organizational culture of the work environment will be incorporated into the paper.

I am currently employed at St Rose Dominican Hospital which is an acute care facility that functions under the classical theory. The classical theory consists of organizational design that subdivides work and specifying tasks. The classical theory allows the different departments to run with efficiency by giving staff members different task to perform. The classical theory is composed of four elements: division and specialization of labor, chain of command, organizational structure, and span of command. Division and specialization of labor reduces the workload of the employee that will increase proficiency throughout the organization. The chain of command is authority, power, and responsibility delegated from high levels of authority to the lower levels. Organizational structures are how the departments are arranged and how command is maintained and how communication is achieved through a formal system. The span of control is how many employees a manager can effectively manage. (Sullivan & Decker, 2002).

The structure of this organization provides for an environment for client centered care by offering services of acute care with different levels of care such as... [continues]

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