Organizational Structure and Culture Paper for NUR 492

Example of an Organizational Structure and Culture Paper for NUR 492 at the University of Phoenix.

Organization structure is the framework used by an organization to develop a chain of command, communication lines, and distribute duties among employees of the organization. The structure also defines the approach an employee is to use when delegating power and responsibilities and identifies the order in which information is communicated between different departments, management, and senior leaders. The structure chosen by an organization depends on the objectives the organization wishes to achieve (Business dictionary, 2012). This paper will examine the organizational structure of the facility I currently work for, Covenant Medical Center. How structure creates an environment that is supportive of client-centered care will be discussed along with the use of information systems, communication methods, and decision- making within the organization. Formal versus informal reporting lines, issues with power and control and a description of the leaders within Covenant Medical Center will be provided. Finally, this paper will explore the social, cultural, and generational influences on the organization.

Covenant Medical Center is an acute care hospital in North Eastern Iowa, which is a part of a larger organization called Wheaton Franciscan Health Care. Wheaton Franciscan Health Care has hospitals in SouthEast Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. There are different theories of organization. The organizational theory used by Wheaton Franciscan Health Care and Covenant Medical Center is the classical theory. According to this theory, an organization is built by dividing the work, spelling out the tasks to be completed, and placing employees into their respective areas. The classical theory includes four elements: division and specialization of labor, chain of command, organizational structure, and span of control. Division and specialization of labor include dividing the work among employees so that each employee has fewer tasks to complete. This improves the efficiency of the organization and is also economically beneficial. The hierarchy within an organization in which management delegates to... [continues]

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