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Learning Team Charter

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Excerpt from this paper: Team Ground Rules and Guidelines for Learning Team Charter

What are the general expectations for all members of the team? Timely communication in the Learning Team forum and submission of quality work on time. We should feel comfortable to contact the team if anyone is having difficulty with anything and...

General info for writing your Charter: You will have to complete your Charter as a team by the beginning of week 2 for HCS 301. Only 1 team member can post it in your Learning Team Forum. You will need to read 3 items in order to complete your charter. Each of you will complete specific tasks.

Portions of the Learning Team Charter will include team member information (name, email, state you live in, phone #), team member strengths (certain skills or knowledge you can contribute to the team), conflict management (how your team will deal with potential conflicts that could arise), ground rules (how you will communicate, appoint a team leader, back up plans), and team project planning (who will complete what section of the project).

Advice: You may want to seriously think about being the team leader for your group, so start the Learning Team Charter first.

I know many people do not want this as their responsibility. What they don’t take into consideration is this: You are leaving your grade up to someone else. I always tried to be team leader, there may have been once or twice that I was not team leader.

Volunteer early.

Another added benefit to this is that you can get the posting started in your team forum and guess what? You get to pick the part that you want first.

You will need to start a “thread” in your team forum for sign-ups for your team project. Make sure you start with yours first. Then allow the others to sign up by an allotted time.

If they don’t, then assign the rest of the project to the group by name. Make sure that everyone proof reads, this should not be the team leader’s assignment. Everyone should contribute equally to the project and take turns critiquing.

If you have a Power Point due, then post the beginning of the Power Point and have everyone agree that they will download the current version each time it is posted by another team member (the best way to work this is to have each person have an assigned day to get their part posted by, not everyone on the same day as this will cause confusion and more work for you).

This will ensure that everyone has the latest version and you don’t get stuck piecing everything together at the last minute. 

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