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Both nationally and tactfully, the nation was stronger than ever in the past. President Wilson practiced proper morals in international politics, and was committed to be the nation’s chief executive as well as a leader of the people.

Woodrow Wilson was an exceptional governmental leader who broke down the dissimilarities between the executive and legislative branches of Congress and became the spokesman for the American people in domestic and international affairs (Profiles of U.S. Presidents, 2011). Woodrow Wilson had a vision and was enthusiastic in exploiting his vision. President Wilson’s goal was to be a leader for the people and alter strategies to achieve these goals. According to Sullivan and Decker (2009), leaders who have a vision develop plans to work toward the vision. A competent leader efficaciously encourages others to accept and undertake the vision. Effective leaders recognize the necessities of an organization and will persistently ask themselves what can be amended. Woodrow Wilson was a proficient leader who concentrated on refining the lives of Americans.

Comparison of Leadership Styles

Woodrow Wilson was poised in his decisions and assessments as a leader, but he became troubled when any person did not reach agreement with him. One of his liabilities as a leader was his reluctance to work with anyone who did not follow his lead. Individuals who followed his lead saw him as an affectionate, flexible, and generous man (Guisepi, 2001). The leadership quality Woodrow Wilson would be described as the behavior trait of autocratic because he used his power and coercion to persuade people to follow him. The writer does not agree with this practice of leadership and is more flexible with her leadership style. She attempts to values strong interpersonal relationships between team members and herself as leader. She was staggered after finishing the Leadership and Team Self-Assessment that her score was...[continues]

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