Leadership Paper for HCS 475

Example of a Leadership Paper for HCS 475 at the University of Phoenix.


Leadership is something many people strive to be successful in. Some people are aware that there are different Styles of management and leadership; others just hope that they can succeed and do a good job. Is one theory better than another or more successful? At Hennepin County Medical Center the CEO uses this theory on a daily basis. There are daily changes and needs that come with being a level 1 trauma center. Without the ability to change and meet the need of the employees and patients, the hospital would not be very successful. In 2012 they were ranked best for adult specialty care in the Nation (USnews.com, 20012). Clearly someone is doing something right when it comes to leading the hospital to success.

After reviewing the readings on leadership styles I would have to say that the one I see as successful is Contingency Theories. This theory states that a manager will take the surrounding that they are in and analyze the needs of the employees and the job. From there they will adapt to those needs and base their leadership skills on those facts. An example that the reading gives is a nurse manager in a stressful situation and how she uses what skills she knows and the people she has available to diffuse the situation. There are many times where there are people that may know what you are suppose to do in a particular situation, however when that “way” is swayed they are unclear of the direction they are to go. A good leader will always have a plan B and C and so on to make sure that no matter the situation they can handle it.

According to Fiedler’s Contingency Theory...[continues]

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