Individual Case Study

Examples of a Individual Case Study for NUR 403 (Theories and Models of Nursing Practice).

Example 1

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Excerpts aren't necessarily from the first page of these research papers.

Excerpt from this paper: For each outcome, state two nursing interventions:

1. Acute Pain
• Pain Management by using pharmacological measures and then assessing with a pain scale before and 30 minutes after medication administration.
• Analgesic Administration of narcotics when pain levels are rated 3 or above by the patient.

2. Urinary Retention
• Urinary catheterization when bladder becomes distended. Checks should be performed Q4hours and PRN.
• Urinary Retention Care- Monitor urinary elimination, including consistency, odor, volume, and color after catheterization.

3. Ineffective Coping
• Coping enhancement by collaborating with patient to identify strengths such as the ability to relate the facts and to recognize the source of stressors within the next 2 visits. Also, provide coping strategies.
• Decision-making support by being supportive of coping behaviors; allow the patient time to relax when asking about coping mechanisms within the next day.

Example 2

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Excerpt from this paper: For each outcome, state two nursing interventions:
Knowledge deficit - Patient will be able to verbalize signs and symptoms of potential complications by the end of this appointment.  

a. Give clear, thorough explanations and demonstrations.
b. Encourage repetition of information.
The patient will participate in learning about the pregnancy process by the end of this appointment 
a. Provide a quiet atmosphere without interruption.
b. Encourage questions.  

Impaired verbal communication - Patient will demonstrate ability to express self by the end of next visit.
a. Be cognizant of possible cultural barriers.  

b. Offer alternative forms of communication: flash cards that translate, pictures.
Patient will relate findings of decreased isolation with communication by the end of the month.

a. Initiate referrals as needed for translator  

b. Decrease environmental stimuli  

Example 3

Excerpt from this Individual Case Study: For each nursing diagnosis, state two to three NOCs from the Label & Definitions list for each nursing diagnosis. Include the Label, number, and factors that alter an existing definition. State the specific desired outcome, with an identified timeframe for each NOC:      

EGO Integrity-Risk for relocation stress syndrome: 
1. 1212 Stress level-severity of manifested physical or mental tensions resulting from response.                                  
2. 1409 Depression: Self-control personal actions to minimize melancholy and maintain equilibrium.

Social Interaction-Risk for loneliness:

1. 1504 Social Support - Reliable assistance from others.  
2. 1203 Loneliness Severity: Severity of emotional social or existential isolation.

Teaching & Learning-Knowledge deficit related to educational background:  
1. 1821 Knowledge: Conception prevention extent of understanding conveyed about prevention and unintended pregnancy.                                             
2. 3012 Client Satisfaction: Teaching extent of positive perception of instruction provided by nursing staff to improve knowledge, understanding, and participation in care.
Maria is at risk for manifesting depression and loneliness because she is new to her environment, her husband works long hours away from home, and she has no family or support system in place currently. Additionally Maria has three children and is currently pregnant with the fourth child, and she is only 20 years of age. The desired outcome is for Maria to understand how to prevent further pregnancies, and develop a support system to help with her loneliness and potential risk of depression. Timeframe for each outcome, development of support system, and adjustment to move, three months for each.

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