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A research paper is a different kind of animal from a term paper or an essay. The thing that distinguishes the research paper from different types of papers, for example an essay, is that it really is a review of collected information and findings that originate from your research of published subject matter regarding a specific topic.

Sometimes a research paper is also referred to as a term paper. These papers are frequently mandatory in college or high school classes. To illustrate, a Questionnaire was supplied to students of a Literature course that was offered at the Community College level. The information supplied from these students was this: They are required to select an American writer to research. Then, they do a search for data which has been written and published about that particular writer or novelist. Finally, they submit a thoruoghly researched review of their results in the form of a paper to the instructor.

You will still need to write a thesis statement for your research paper. Your thoroughly researched paper must reinforce the position stated in your thesis statement.

The grading criteria for what is and what isn't suitable in your research paper are usually called grading rubrics. Your instructor will most likely be extremely strict about the specifications established in the grading Rubik. One example is the location of the title of your paper. APA format and MLA formatted papers are usually different in the first location of the title. Another example is where you put your name and your teacher’s name. Again, this can be in a different location depending on how you are formatting your paper. The course title is normally needed as well. The most stringent of the prerequisites for a research paper and where most papers are varied is the section for references which are also known as Sources Cited, or even a bibliography (note - the bibliography is probably the hardest of them all.

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