History of Community Nursing Matrix 2 - Example 2

Real History of Community Nursing Matrix 2 for the NUR 405 Course

During the industrial revolution, technological and economical advances were made with the development of steam powered ships and railroads replacing manual labor with mechanical work. As a result, changes in society and health care needs occurred. Nursing focus shifted from private duty, living with and providing care for one family, to visiting nurses, visiting several families a day.

Nursing role in community

Nursing in the community focused on disease prevention and providing care for the vulnerable such as immigrant workers and the poor. Lillian Wald, the first public health nurse in the United States, provided nursing care and education in poor communities located in New York City. Nursing concentrated on providing and educating the community on proper nutrition and sanitation in an effort to reduce the spread of disease.

Major health issues

Many of the health issues during this time were directly related to poor sanitation and contaminated water supplies. The poor, unable to pay for medical services did not receive adequate medical care increasing mortality.

Cholera was a huge health concern during the industrial revolution, killing thousands as it spread through the water and sewage systems of major cities.

Typhus, typhoid fever, and tuberculosis also took the lives of many people during the industrial revolution. Florence Nightingale established the first nursing school in the United States, introducing nursing as a profession.

Partnerships used

Visiting nurse associations were established in cities such as New York, Philadelphia, and Boston (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008).

Lillian Wald founded the Henry Street Settlement, providing health care and social services for the local community.

Watson’s theory

Watson's carative factor: development of helping-trusting, human caring relationship was demonstrated during the Industrial Revolution by the establishment of nursing in communities.

Relationships evolved from caring for a family to caring for the members and families who made up communities.

Caring relationships were established with the destitute, poor, women, children, and immigrants who lacked proper medical attention... [continues]

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