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NUR 405: Healthy Communities Theory and Practice

Example Papers and Presentations for Healthy Communities Theory and Practice NUR 405:

History of Community Nursing Matrix for Healthy Communities Theory and Practice- Complete the matrix with the following concepts, and relate them to two different periods of time in history and the present time: For 2 more examples click here

  • Description of each of three historical periods
  • Define nursing roles in the community for each historical period
  • Description of the major health issues for each historical period
  • Community partnerships for each historical period
  • Description of how Watson's theory can be applied to the nursing role for each historical period

Windshield Survey with Reflection for Healthy Communities Theory and Practice- Reflect on your personal learning from this experience, and include three Community Nursing Diagnoses. For 5 more examples click here

  • Write a 700- to 1,050- word review and summary of your experience
  • List two nursing interventions related to each diagnosis that could have a positive effect on the health indicator
  • List community health partnerships that could be used to assist in this effort
  • Address the issue of cultural diversity and the role it plays in community health
  • Include information from the Office of Minority Health at
  • Review Healthy People 2020 indicators, and describe one nursing role that could be used now to positively affect this indicator
  • Identify a community health partnership that can be created to assist in this effort, as a part of positively influencing this Healthy People 2020 indicator
  • Describe your assessment idea and indicate which objective, or objectives, aligns with this assessment idea

Friedman Family Assessment for Healthy Communities Theory and Practice- Complete a family assessment using the Friedman Family assessment model from Appendix E in the Stanhope and Lancaster text. Include three family nursing diagnoses, such as the following: For 5 more examples click here

  • Developmental state and history of the family
  • Identifying data
  • Developmental state and history of the family
  • Environmental data
  • Family structure, composition, & functions
  • Family stress and coping
  • Priority family nursing diagnosis
  • Nursing interventions
  • Identify opportunities for community health nursing interventions to influence this issue in a positive way that involves the nursing role in working with families

Health Education Plan for Healthy Communities Theory and Practice- Create a health education plan and group process based on information you have collected from your Windshield Survey and Friedman Family Assessment. Make sure that your plan completes the following: For 5 more examples click here

  • Identifies educational needs
  • Establishes educational goals and objectives
  • Selects appropriate educational methods
  • Outlines the steps to implement the educational plan
  • Evaluates the educational process including educator and process evaluation

Persuasive Letter for Healthy Communities Theory and Practice- Write a 1,300- to 1,500-word persuasive letter to the editor, to an appropriate funding agency, or to a school board. In your letter, defend an issue identified through your work in the community with your windshield survey and your family assessment. Relate your issue to one of the Sigma Theta Tau Initiatives for global health or the UN Global Health Decade. Complete the following in your letter: For 5 more examples click here

  • Describe the issue you have chosen based on an initiative for global health from the Sigma Theta Tau Initiatives or the UN Global Health Decade
  • Include data you have researched for this request
  • Identify who should work with the funding agency to support the needs outlined in your letter
  • Identify the initial steps and who will be involved in the initial steps in defending this issue you are recommending

Watson Job Aid - Visit the Watson Caring Science Institute website at Create a job aid such as a matrix, video, or podcast for colleagues and peers in your community nursing practice that uses and demonstrates the caring relationships described on the International Caritas Consortium website located at Watson Caring Science website. The job aid should include the following components: For 3 more examples click here

  • An explanation of the new professional model of caring-healing practices
  • The values, ethic, and moral ideals that support this practice
  • The philosophy, theory, and sciences that inform their creation and utilization
  • Steps to enhance shared learning and original scholarship to benefit mentoring
  • Steps to disseminate Caring Science models of clinical and educational scholarship and professional excellence in your community nursing practice
  • Write a 700- to 1,400-word accompanying explanatory essay to support and explain the job aid

State Health Department Proposal - Create a proposal to present to the state health department to initiate an innovative program to target a major health issue in your community. Refer to Healthy People 2020 to identify the health issue. Imagine your Learning Team will be competing for limited funds of $500,000 that have become available in your state. The Learning Team PowerPoint® Presentation should include notes section and should include 12 to 15 slides. Presentations should be 15 to 20 minutes. Complete the following in your presentation.

  • Pick a community setting from the Neighborhood to implement this innovative program to improve the health of this population
  • Identify a vulnerable population within this community and include reasons for your choice
  • Use a specific age group and provide information to the State Health Department that demonstrates the seriousness of the issues for this population and the need for assistance
  • Review the professional leadership characteristics that you will use in your proposal
  • Provide information regarding your method of measuring and demonstrating outcomes of this proposal. How will you document positive outcomes?

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