Health Education Plan
Example 6 - NUR 405

Health Education Plan Example 6 for the NUR 405 course

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Marriage and raising families are both huge undertakings for the majority of people in the world. Being married, requires both people to put time and energy into making the relationship fulfilling for both of them. Once children are introduced into the equation, the relationship becomes more complex and requires even more time and attention. Most families cannot live on one income like in the past which may require both parents to work outside the home to make ends meet. However, the belief that mothers are still primarily responsible for the care and upbringing of children still persists. Many fathers are attempting to actively co-parent which helps alleviate some of the stress mothers are under to work outside the home and be the primary manager at home and with the kids. Unfortunately, there are still many fathers that leave the care of the children as well as most of the household duties to their spouses. This often leads to feelings of resentment, stress and even feelings of powerlessness. The parents become angry with one another and eventually it has a negative impact on the children.

Educational Need

Getting married and starting a family is considered one of life’s bigger, more stressful events, and couples are not usually prepared for all the problems that can potentially come their way. The everyday tasks of maintaining a household and managing childcare gets shifted to the female parent even though she also works outside the home. This in turn leads the wife to become angry and disillusioned with her spouse if she does not receive some acknowledgement of the issue from him. If the relationship deteriorates more, the couple may look to divorce to solve the problems they are experiencing. The anger and frustration can build in the wife and leave her at high risk for feeling powerless. Creating an educational plan helps address some of the issues experienced by the couple and provide them with a more stable foundation to their relationship.

Goals and Objectives

Creating goals for the couple will help them to focus on the issues they both have that are eroding the foundation of their marriage. It will also give them the direction they need to help them identify what is needed to build a stronger relationship. Their...[continues]

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