Health Education Plan
Example 3 - NUR 405

Health Education Plan Example 3 for the NUR 405 course

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This plan is based on information collected from Windshield Survey of Chicago’s South Side and the Nursing Plan of Care for the AB family. It will include A description of the educational need; establish a goal and three objectives for the family; select two appropriate educational methods; outlines the steps to implement the plan; and evaluate the educational process including the educator and process evaluation. This plan will be directed towards the community as a whole, while focusing on the AB family.

It is very evident that within the community and AB’s home, a lesson on drugs is needed. The social groups that make up the majority of the gang-affiliated members are within the community. AB’s daughter (CL) likes to frequent the surroundings. The literacy rate is at an all-time low suggesting that children repeat classes. AB’s daughter is a high school graduate; she tends to be around those who are in need of her assistance with reading or writing. CL has experienced this lesson second-hand. She remains desiring to be outdoors with her latest friend. Health Education Plan Example 3

A lesson should be taught about the streets of Chicago. It houses a vast amount of derelicts that have either come from the penitentiaries or mental institutions. This add to the crime rates when these particular group of people have no where to go. AB’s sister removed the children from the west side of Chicago at early ages to prevent any encounters with drugs. Unfortunately, the drugs have make way to the homes of loved ones. The lesson taught in 2005 was that of the loss of a brother related to the city’s streets.

Educational Goal and Three Objectives

The target goal is to reduce crime rates on Chicago’s South Side. The targeted audience need to be able to speak on a ‘level’ they can understand. It is not to belittle anyone, but to educate them to change. Many of the young gang members are very intelligent in that they know how to read. If they are approached correctly, they will be assistance to this idea…change. Health Education Plan Example 3

The first objective would be to teach CL and the community about the potential consequences of sex and drugs. People on street drugs are more at a risk of contracting diseases. They refer to one another as family suggesting that a trust-factor exists between them who are chosen. Complications of drug use can include coronary artery disease, stroke, peripheral artery disease, depression and other mental health or behavioral problems. Health Education Plan Example 3

The second objective would be to teach CL and the community the importance of eating healthy. People who desire the streets have very poor eating habits. They are always in motion. Their bodies seem to be so full of energy when in actually...[continues]

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