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Real Health Education Plan Example 2 for the NUR 405 course

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A vital part of nursing lies within health education; the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health required that community health clients receive a practical understanding of health-related information (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008).

More than 5,000 studies were sent out to citizens in Robeson County for partaking on what medical problems appear disturbing. According to the data collected, Robeson County residents reported that the biggest health issues of concern in their communities were alcohol and drug abuse, obesity, teen pregnancy, tobacco use, gangs/violence, mental health, child abuse, asthma, and dental health (Robesonian, 2011). The study found that Robesonians are more likely to smoke, drink excessively, have babies as teenagers, become obese and have risky sex than most Americans. Health educationalists promote wellbeing, hale, and hearty everyday life by casing an extensive diversity of issues. Health educationalists instruct people and society regarding behaviors that promote healthy livelihood and avoid illness and additional dilemma. The issues discussed and the tools provided vary on location and the clients. Providing individual education with clients and parents are vital, especially with method of life modification and disease treatment and prevention. Because health educationalists frequently work with a variety of people, the ability to converse with ethnical groups and those of various populations become vital for community health nurses.

By assisting with the means to accomplish this goal for everyone, the community must take action to renovate or alter the community and surroundings. To accomplish this, citizens must become engage in societies’ attempt to raise communal support and capability. The ability to gain self-assurance and skillfulness to resolve issues efficiently become evident and powerful in the society. The health educationalist contributes in a vital position in facilitating society tools to analyze logically with issues. Subject matter assortment should distinguish among troubles that seem bothersome and situations vital issues that societies view areas aimed at a great deal of concern. In relationship to the concerns of the communities, the educational need discussed in this paper includes restoration of empower to the community for impeding for residents from infectious disease and ecological health features that contribute to disease, safe sex education, and diet and exercise for prevention of obesity. Health Education Plan Example 2

The community and J.C.P require educational teaching on the health risks of consuming excessive caloric intake and obesity. Obesity contributes to hypertension, diabetes mellitus, coronary artery disease and some forms of cancer. Childhood obesity contributes to hepatic, pulmonary, cardiac, and musculoskeletal complications...[continues]

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