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Health and Chronic Disease Management Presentation NUR 427

A big concern for specific socio cultural needs is education on how to get tested. There is concern that the general public is afraid of being stigmatized as having AIDS if tested. The need for education on why and how to get tested for HIV is predominate across the races. The need for education is the number one specific socio cultural need. Secrecy is the key to successful HIV/AIDS testing (PubMed, 2010).

According to Avert’s article on HIV & AIDS stigma and discrimination (2010), no matter what race a patient is, AIDS patients are faced with discrimination, rejection, and isolation. Friends, family, and healthcare workers sometimes avoid or refuse to have anything to do with them. Patients with AIDS often fear social stigma and rejection. This fear is realistic, and healthcare workers help identify ways to avoid problems, as well as identifying coping strategies for difficult situations. Healthcare workers must support family members and friends in efforts to help the patient and provide protection from discrimination. The most important item that should be on any agenda no matter what cultural background a patient comes from is teaching the modes of transmission. Many free clinics give away condoms to help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS.

Patients must be encouraged to continue to continue as many activities as usual. Except when too weak or ill, they can continue to work and participate in most social activities. They must be supported in their selection of friends and relatives with whom to discuss the diagnosis. It should be stressed that sexual partners and care providers be informed; beyond that, it is up to the patient (Healthyplace, 2010).

Healthyplace (2010) states that almost all of AIDS patients feel the burden of having a fatal disease widely considered unacceptable and feel compelled to maintain some secrecy about the illness. There is a need for referrals to appropriate community resources to assist people with AIDS. Also, there is a need for education about how the illness affects unborn children for pregnant AIDS patients. Education for the testing of the baby, and possibly how to prevent transmission to the unborn child is needed. This is due to the high incidence of pregnant women first finding out they have AIDS with pregnancy.

This Health and Chronic Disease Management Presentation was done on HIV/AIDS.

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