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A nursing assessment of a family is the basis of nursing interventions. Stanhope and Lancaster (2008) state, “By using a systematic process, family problem areas are identified and family strengths are emphasized as the building blocks for interventions and to facilitate family resiliency” (p. 567). The family consists of a father, a mother, a five-year-old daughter, a three-year-old son, and the father of the man of the house. The family that was chosen was interviewed as a family, but also individually.

This family nursing plan of care will discuss the family of Mr. and Mrs. T. and their children, and Mr. T’s father whom reside in a community in Florida. As a split family dwelling, the experiences along with the struggles have greatly affected this family. This family nursing care plan is compiled over a 3.5 week period and allowed me to spend ample time with each member of the family as well as see each member interact with his/her immediate family.

The nursing care assessment is based on the Friedman Family assessment model that draws heavily on the “structure-function framework and on developmental and systems theory. The structure, functions, and the family’s relationship to other social systems are the focus to this approach,” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008). Concepts of Healthy People 2020 were used to teach the family according to their diagnosis as well as theoretical concepts. All family members signed and agreed with consent of release and preferred me to use names other than their own for the Friedman Family Assessment.

Identifying Data and Family Composition for Friedman Family Assessment

This family for the Friedman Family Assessment consists of DLT, RCT, their daughter JET, son TLT, and RCT’s father CRT. DLT is a 33 year old Caucasian female who was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is 66 inches and 215 pounds. She is the mother of JET and TLT, wife to RCT, and daughter-in-law to CRT. Her hair is very short. She has had vocational school, and is an unemployed dental assistant. She stated that since losing her job, and being diagnosed with hepatitis C, she does not feel the need to look presentable every day. She was a dental assistant and feels that she contracted the Hepatitis C from a bad needle stick she got from a patient. She said she did not report it for fear of losing her job. RCT has not been diagnosed with Hepatitis C. DLT said when she does leave the house that she does do her hair and makeup. She is in dire need of money for the medication to treat the Hepatitis C, but the family has already used up their allotted insurance money for the year, so they are waiting until January. She feels overwhelmed and resentful that RCT’s father is now living with them due to their limited income and space.

RCT is 40 year old Caucasian male, who was born in Crossett, Arkansas. He is 72 inches and 195 pounds. He is well kept in appearance and has on slacks and a button down long sleeve shirt. He has just gotten off work. He said he usually works overtime, 12 hour days, to make extra income for the family. RCT also takes night classes two nights a week and is... [continues]

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