Ethics Game Simulation

Ethics Game Simulation Example Papers for Health Law and Ethics - HCS 478 at the University of Phoenix


Example 1

Ethics Game Simulation

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Excerpts aren't necessarily from the first page of these research papers.

Excerpt from this paper: The ethical lens provides perspectives to each dilemma. The criterion within the lens as it applies to the situation yields a different ethical decision. By using the lenses, different perspectives are analyzed and choices for better decision-making are made possible.

Lenses Used in Issue #1

With the first issue, the lens was duty focused (the rights and responsibility lens) and happiness focused (results lens). The primary concern was the patient.

Example 2

Ethics Game

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Excerpt from this paper: Using this decision making process, it was determined that the solution to the ethical dilemma of the troubled teen was to involve the assigned nurse and the parents in assessing the need for medical intervention and provide contacts for continued support and education.

Example 3

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Excerpt from this paper: Therefore, the individual I owe the most is to the mother and child’s safety and welfare, without violating the parental rights to make health care decision for their child. To achieve this I must empower the nurse assigned to care for the patient. Under this lens I decided to ask the assigned nurse to call the physician and chaplain to make sure that the mother is assessed medically and that the parents are provided a ministerial response.

Example 4

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Excerpt from this paper: In this scenario an unconscious patient was admitted into the ER, accompanied by his domestic partner. The previous shift supervisor has denied the partner visitation rights, which is against hospital policy. The core issue of this scenario is how to make sure that gay partners have the same rights as straight partners.

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