Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing

 ETHICAL AND LEGAL ISSUES IN NURSING EXAMPLE PAPERS FOR NUR 391 (Professional Nursing Practice) at the University of Phoenix


Example 1

Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing

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Excerpt from this paper: The nurse even reported the incidences to administration and also kept notes regarding the incidents. The legal aspects of this case are the nurse as a witness should respond truthfully to the questions asked of her in court. The anecdotal notes taken by the nurse may be used during the trial (Blais & Hayes, 2011). The nurse has a business relationship with her employer, but she, as a registered nurse has a duty to the patient (Croke, 2006).

Example 2

Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing

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Excerpt from this paper: Nurses must take as many precautions and safety measures during their daily shifts to protect themselves from malpractice suits. Nurses gain knowledge in school that appropriate care of a patient is not only making the right decisions but also upholding and organizing his or her medical records and reports proficiently.

Example 3

Ethical Issues in Nursing

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Excerpt from this paper: Ethical issues on a day-to-day basis often involve client communication and advocacy. Nurses are often the ones working closest with a client while administering ongoing care. Clients may express desires, questions, and fears with their nurse, and those sentiments need to be shared with the rest of the health care team.

Example 4

Legal Issues in Nursing

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Excerpt from this paper: When it comes to a loved one, making ethical decisions is the hardest, and proposes fear of the unknown. Once the physician has given all the facts to the family, allotting time to absorb and make the best decision should be considered along with grieving. Allowing the family time to grieve the situation will help with decision-making.

Example 5

Nursing Legal and Ethical Issues

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Excerpt from this paper: The ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses states that “nurses must be vigilant to protect the patient, the public, and the profession from potential harm when a colleague’s practice, in any setting, appears to be impaired” (Blais & Hayes, 2011, p.89). The nurse that worked with the colleague did the right thing and reported the incident to managers. According to the ANA code of Ethics for Nurses the nurse was protecting the patient by reporting the incident.

Example 6

Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing

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Excerpt from this Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing paper: Like any member of the other professions, a professional nurse has many legal responsibilities to assume in the practice of her or his profession. The legal responsibilities of nursing are to look after their patients to the best of their ability within the framework of the code of conduct of the hospital.

Example 7

Nursing Ethics

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Excerpt from this Ethical and Legal Issues in Nursing paper: In the absence of a designated surrogate decision maker, decisions should be made in the best interest of the patient, considering the patient’s personal values to the extent that they are known (ANA, 2001, p. 4). The nurse always advocates for the patient and provides support to the family and the nurse does this by safeguarding the situation. Nurses can answers any questions pertaining to the patient and involve other resources if necessary.

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