Data Collection and Analysis Grid -
NUR 443
Example 1 & 2

Data Collection and Analysis Grid...

Use the two articles assigned by your facilitator to identify the following data collection, analysis, and measurement elements for the studies. Limit each box to no more than three sentences.

Example 1

1. Data collection methods For Data Collection and Analysis Grid

Qualitative: The study used 25 focus groups with nursing staff on medical-surgical units in 2 hospitals in southern and northern regions of the USA. The data collection method utilized was a focus group interview.

Quantitative: The study used 46 women in two study groups (21 in the intervention group and 25 in the comparison group). The data collection method used was examining written text.

2. Data collection instruments

Qualitative for Data Collection and Analysis Grid : The study used semi structured design focus groups interviews with nursing staff that lasted from 90 up to 120 minutes.

Quantitative: The study used individual behavioral counseling sessions: five for intervention group and only on e for comparison group. A pretest/posttest comparison design was used.

3. Accuracy and reliability of instruments used

Qualitative: The members of the focus groups were divided by job title in order to maximize the communication. All interviews were carefully tape-recorded, transcribed and fully analyzed.

Quantitative: All behavioral counseling (BC) sessions had been conducted by an advanced practice nurse. She managed to provide to provide an established frequency (five BC sessions versus one BC session in 12 weeks), intensity (face-to-face interaction), and duration (30 minutes of BC).

4. Statistical or analytic methods

Qualitative- The author of the study analyzed the interview transcripts using both qualitative analysis software (NVivo) and grounded theory approach. “Grounded theory, a mode of inductive analysis, can be thought of as a theory that is derived from or "grounded" in everyday experiences. Grounded theory's data sources include all resources that yield information regarding social interaction. Data may be collected by... [continues]

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Example 2

University of Phoenix Material~ TEAM B

Data Collection and Analysis Grid

Use the two articles assigned by your facilitator to identify the following data collection, analysis, and measurement elements for the studies. Limit each box to no more than three sentences.

Qualitative~ life with in curable cancer

Quantitative~ dance movement for breast cancer survivors

Data collection methods- In a focus group, participants were asked about the quality of life in daily living, existential questions and the concept of quality of life. The moderators would discuss significant findings after each meeting. They grouped responses into five themes.

Exercise participants were given a questionnaire to fill out at the beginning of the testing, at 13 weeks and 26 weeks. It also included the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy and Body Image Scale. Shoulder ROM and arm circumferences were measured by physical therapy.

Data collection instruments- The Data collection instruments were telephone calls, and letters of information to participants. Tape recorders that would then be translated to text were also used. The text was then translated to a database program and rearranged.

Data review was performed in access databases then imported into SPSS where data transformation and analyses were performed. Repeated measures of ANOVA were used to determine overall time effect and time x group effects.

Accuracy and reliability of instruments used- In a focus group, as used in this study, is more of a qualitative research. The observer influences results obtained and participants may hold back all feelings regarding the study.

In randomized controlled trials as used in this study, it eliminates bias and treatment in patients. It lets the theory of probability be used by letting any other outcome be by chance and not by probability.

Statistical or analytic methods- Content analysis was used... [continues]

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