Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper

Examples of a Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper for GEN 200 at the University of Phoenix.


Example 1

Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper

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Excerpts aren't necessarily from the first page of these research papers.

Excerpt from this paper: A giver personality enjoys making a difference in the world. They are the peacemakers of any group and enjoy open communications with everyone. They tend to be more helpful to others. It is easy to communicate with these types of people and they collaborate well in groups.

Example 2

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Excerpt from this paper: Logical-Mathematical learners are good at deductive and inductive reasoning, are able to make complex calculations, and use scientific reason.  The best way to collaborate with this kind of learner would be to take advantage of their sequential and logical methods by incorporating charts, graphs, and outlines. 

Example 3

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Excerpt from this paper: While this may seem to conflict with team settings and person-to-person communication, in general, some of these characteristics can be applied successfully in these situations. For example, an intrapersonal intelligence would be very good at developing plans and systems that could then be introduced to the group. In addition, they may be able to better understand how and why they react in these settings because they are constantly evaluating their own feelings. This self-realization can help guide these types when it comes to dealing with group conflict and one-on-one interactions.

Example 4

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Excerpt from this paper: The Giver is a personality that proves very rewarding in a group. This would be someone who works toward the interests of the group before his or her own. Through honesty and seeing the potential in others, one can teach others. They tend to...

Example 5

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Excerpt from this paper: A person who has the personality of a thinker and an organizer can go hand in hand due to the fact that a thinker is an individual who must be organized as well as analytical.   A thinker must always use strategies such as organizing and analyzing their thoughts.

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