Case Study Six Caps

CASE STUDY SIX CAPS Examples (Critical Thinking Caps Worksheet Answers) FOR NUR 391 - Professional Nursing Practice at the University of Phoenix


Example 1

Case Study Six Caps

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Excerpts aren't necessarily from the first page of these research papers.

Excerpt from this paper: Kenny (2003) notes the black hat, or policies, codes, standards, protocols, and laws area is “suggestive of a judge’s robes” (p. 4). This area must be used cautiously to help determine the utilization of ethical decisions on all parties including the subject, the family, and any staff. The benefit in the case study is the ethics committee. The disadvantage is the conflicting feelings of the family members, and any staff. In the yellow hat or optimism area of thinking, Kenny (2003) suggests that “wearing this hat encourages students to look for the values and benefits in a situation” (p. 4).

Example 2

6 Caps

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Excerpt from this paper: Red Cap: What does the nurse, the patient, and the family feel and how are the feelings known? The feelings of the hospital staff are of confusion because of the fact the patient does not have an advance directive stating what she wants to happen with her care, and the surgical option offered by the physician offers little reassurance regarding a full recovery or improvement in her medical condition. Because of the patient’s current medical state, it is impossible to know how the patient is feeling. The patient is currently unresponsive on a respirator unable to communicate to her family or medical staff regarding how she is feeling or what course of treatment she wants to take. The patient’s husband believes strongly that the wishes of his wife are to exhaust all surgical and medical options to help sustain her life.

Example 3

6 Hats

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Excerpt from this paper: Green hat thinking indicates growth or creativity. Individuals try to find alternative solutions to the problem. If Ms. Marianne survives her stroke and has lost of brain function, her family may consider providing 24 hour care at home to help them cope with the change in their family. The medical staff should encourage the family to seek counseling, provide them information about stroke, peer groups and stroke clubs her long term treatment may include occupational, physical and speech therapies.

Example 4

Six Thinking Caps

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Excerpt from this paper: The Second Thinking Hat is the Red Hat, which means focusing on the decision using intuition, feelings, or gut reactions. Not known at this time is why the children think their Mothers’ surgery would be unsuccessful. Another consideration is the husband’s feelings. He wants to try everything that the surgeons can offer. The husband is possibly dealing with difficulty of letting go of his wife of many years.

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