Case Study Presentation

Examples of a Case Study Presentation for NUR 403 (Theories and Models of Nursing Practice).

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Excerpts aren't necessarily from the first page of these research papers.

Excerpt from this paper: (Note: Input into Power Point Presentation). As stated in the case study Janie’s husband was able to participate in the delivery of their daughter, but due to his military job was deployed overseas for duty for six months. Obviously this has put some strain on Janie. She is tearful, anxious, tired, and depressed. She is also verbalizing feelings of doubt. The new changes in her life along with not having an adequate support system are causing her to have a breakdown. The next six months she is the primary caregiver for her daughter and she is having difficulties coping with her new role and absence of her spouse. Additionally she is probably concerned for his wellbeing as he is deployed overseas (Mosby, 2004).

Nursing Interventions classifications (NIC) Labels

For Diagnosis 1: The interventions involved in Janie's case will be to assess for signs and symptoms of a UTI. Her complaint of painful urination and an elevated temperature will be reported to the physician. As nurses, patient education is a very important factor. Teaching Janie techniques to prevent UTI's and symptoms to look for is an important part of patient care. Having Janie list back the signs and symptoms of UTI's and ways to prevent these infections is a way to obtain her understanding (Kozier, Erb, Berman, Snyder, 2008).

Diagnosis 2 for Case Study Presentation: The intervention that will assist Janie is that the nurse describes and demonstrates ways to simulate the sucking reflex for the infant. The nurse should also demonstrate positions for breastfeeding and the use of pillows during a session. This will promote maternal and neonatal comfort as well as the effective breastfeeding technique. Since Janie has sore nipples she needs to know the signs and symptoms to report should she develop mastitis. Recognizing these symptoms early will decrease her chances of getting a bad infection and causing more difficulty breastfeeding (Mosby, 2008).

3bi.Nurse will encourage patient to engage in increased communication with partner.        

3bii.Nurse will encourage patient to call family in Mexico more frequently and maintain friendship with a local friend.

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