Case Study Grid

Examples of a Case Study Grid for NUR 403 (Theories and Models of Nursing Practice).

Example 1

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Excerpts aren't necessarily from the first page of these research papers.

Excerpt from this paper: For each outcome, state two nursing interventions for Case Study Grid:

1. Nursing Diagnosis 1: Deficient Knowledge
• Provide a quiet atmosphere without interruption
• Encourage questions
• Give clear, thorough explanations and demonstrations
• Encourage repetition of information
2. Nursing Diagnosis 2: Stress Overload
• Listen actively to descriptions of stressors and the stress response
• Categorize stressors as modifiable or nonmodifiable
• Explore ways to increase the patient’s support system and participation in groups and organizations
• Provide positive reinforcement when the patient seeks out others
3. Nursing Diagnosis 3: Social Isolation
• Encourage patient to verbalize feelings
• Assist the patient in identifying causative and contributing factors
• Assist to reduce or eliminate causative or contributing factors
• Initiate referrals as needed or increase in social relationships

For each outcome, state one evaluation method for Case Study Grid:

1. Nursing Diagnosis 1: Deficient Knowledge
• Goal met. Patient actively participated in the discussions and asked questions about the pregnancy process during this appointment.
• Goal not met. Patient verbalized confusion about what are the signs and symptoms or complication during pregnancy. Will continue to assess and reevaluate at next appointment.
2. Nursing Diagnosis 2: Stress Overload
• Goal met. Patient identified 2 modifiable stressors and ways to reduce them by her second appointment.
• Goal met. Patient has started to attend a local Hispanic church with her children by her second appointment and plans to keep attending.

Example 2

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Excerpt from this paper: For each outcome, state two nursing interventions:

• 1ai.Nurse will assess current diet and provide pamphlet and give teaching for healthy eating for pregnancy.
• 1aii.Nurse will refer Maria to dietitian for further dietary education.
• 1bi.Nurse will have patient keep food diary and record food and liquid intake and review at next visit.
• 1bii.Nurse will reinforce the importance of taking prenatal vitamins regularly.
• 2ai.Nurse will provide list of neighborhood outreach services with assist of social service.                                                                                               2aii.Nurse will encourage Maria to become involved in local church.     
• 2bi.Nurse will provide patient with information to obtain inexpensive long distance telephone service to communicate with family abroad.          
• 2bii.Nurse will assess language deficit and provide patient with information to obtain English lessons at no cost.                         
• 3ai.Nurse will encourage Maria to sleep at least 7 hours nightly and take a nap during the day if possible.                                        
• 3aii.Nurse will encourage patient to adhere to well balance diet for pregnancy.      

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