Blooms Taxonomy Paper 3 -
NUR 427 Example 3

Example of Blooms Taxonomy Paper 3 - Example 3

In nursing critical thinking is a crucial skill to have, for clinical decision-making and to provide quality nursing care. As baby-boomers aging population are increasing, so is the demand for more nurses. The nursing’s shortage may lead to higher nurse-patient ratio, and in patients with higher acuity level the need for nurses to think critically is essential to ensure safe quality patient care.

Benjamin Blooms Taxonomy was created in the 1950’s after a study discovered how most students were not taught to use critical thinking. Blooms taxonomy helps not only students or registered nurses but also patients to use higher level of thinking to improve learning. Blooms taxonomy consists of three domains of learning: cognitive, affective, and psychomotor.

The cognitive domain of Blooms taxonomy deals with the intellectual ability and reasoning and has six levels of behavior: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. The knowledge segment of the domain is the objective data that we memorize without necessarily understanding what it is for or how to use it. In the research case study this segment includes the patient’s vital signs, important lab values, nurses’ note and change of shift report. In the comprehension segment we must be able to understand and interpret the data given to us to formulate a nursing diagnosis. In the application level we use the data we have and have rationale for our actions. In the analysis level we use higher level of thinking by looking at our data and compare and contrast it. The synthesis level makes the nurse assess the data and draw a reasonable prediction. Here we ask ourselves questions such as based on the patient’s history what would the patient be at risk for. The final level of the cognitive domain is the evaluation. As nurses we must listen, observe and, make judgments about patients care. The next domain in Blooms taxonomy is the affective domain of learning, which includes the way we deal with things emotionally. When we discuss...[continues]

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