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Blooms Taxonomy Paper 2...

Patient education is a key component for the management of many acute and chronic conditions. Presentation to the emergency room for non-urgent care may be some patient’s only point of contact with the healthcare system due to poor access to primary care related to lack of insurance, knowledge deficits and cultural beliefs (Partridge, 1997).

A review of multiple studies revealed that the emergency room may be an underutilized avenue for patient teaching. (Szpiro 2008) The review utilized Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains as a framework. Outcome measures included those from cognitive, affective and psychomotor learning domains. The objective of the study was to review the current methods of teaching in the emergency room and the deterrents to education such as patient anxiety, pain and limited time, along with the outcomes and the effectiveness of teaching interventions utilized.

Educational methods included discussion, written materials, videos, and at times cartoons (for illiterate or non-English speaking patients) related to the patient’s individual health concerns. In some cases multiple teaching methods was required. Cognitive learning was measured to assess recall and comprehension. Affective learning was tested using open discussion and knowledge tests. (Blank (2002). The satisfaction with teaching was also measured. Psychomotor outcomes where measured by utilizing return demonstration of teaching, for example how to correctly use an inhaler, monitor blood sugars, etc. This was accomplished by using demonstration and practice (Szpiro 2008)

Using Bloom’s Taxonomy the following conclusions where formulated: Cognitive and affective learning goals where the most commonly reported outcome measures while only a small portion of interventions focused on psycho-motor skills due to time-constraints in the emergency room. Most interventions used multiple teaching methods with the most effective being written materials. Demonstration...[continues]

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