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Assessment is the first step in the nursing process. It includes the collection, verification, organization, interpretation, and documentation of data for use by healthcare professionals. The purpose of assessment is to establish a database concerning a client's physical, psychosocial, and emotional health in order to identify health promoting behaviors as well as actual and potential health problems. There are a variety of assessment tools that are utilized for various reasons in nursing. By utilizing Jean Watson's Theory of Human Caring with assessment tools, the nurse can integrate the mind-body-spirit concept to deliver superior care for the client. This paper will review three of these tools, and will discuss data about each tool such as: which population it might be useful for, the cost, length, ease of using the tool, validity of information gained, and how each tool could enhance the assessment phase of the nursing process.

Part 2 of Assessment Tool Analysis

Jean Watson first differentiated between nursing and medicine by stating that curing is the domain of medicine, and caring is the domain of nursing. She proposed the ten carative factors that involved forming a humanistic, altruistic system of the ideas; instilling faith-hope; cultivating sensitivity to one’s self into others; developing helping-trust relationships; expressing positive and negative feelings; use in scientific problem-solving methods for decision-making; promoting interpersonal teaching-learning; providing an environment that supports, protects, and corrects mental, physical, sociocultural, and spiritual aspects; assisting with the gratification of human needs; and allowing for existential-phenomenological forces. Her theory was developed over a span of time from 1979-1985 (Watson, 2009).

Part 3

The first tool is Beck’s Depression Inventory (BDI). According to Polagar (2003), this tool is a series of questions to help diagnose depression, determine its severity, and monitor the patient's response during treatment. There are two different forms. The long form consists of 21 questions, and the short form consists of seven questions. Each question was created to evaluate a particular symptom typical for individuals with depression. The BDI is intended to be used by qualified individuals, and was initially designed to identify, evaluate, and track fluctuations in depressive signs and symptoms for... [continues]

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