HCS 483 - Health Care
Information Systems

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Health Care Information Systems Terms

Health Care Information Systems Terms

Information System Briefing 

IT Project Implementation Failures

IT Project Implementation Failures

Paper & Presentation Requirements

Health Care Information Systems Terms - Explain the subsequent terms. Your explanations should be in plain words; do not rewrite them from the workbook.After you have explained each term in your own language, illustrate in 40 to 60 words the health care context inwhich each term would be appropriate. Use at least two research sources to sustain your claims—one from thetextbook and the other from the University Library. Remember to mention your sources in the References sectioncorresponding with APA guidelines.

Information System Briefing  - Prepare a briefing for the CIO in the form of a 700- to 1,050-word paper. Include the following:

  • The process for selecting and acquiring an information system
  • How the organization’s goals drive the selection of an information system
  • The roles each of the organization’s stakeholders play in the selection and acquisition process
  • Include at least two peer-reviewed references.
  • Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

IT Project Implementation Failures - During the fourth week of your internship, the CIO sends you some examples of other IT project implementations. She says to you later that day, “Read over those examples I sent you about the implementation process. I attached a list of questions for you to answer about how the implementation process works and why IT projects sometimes fail. I’m most interested in your analysis of how organizations such as ours can minimize the effects and occurrences of IT failures.”

  • Resources: University of Phoenix Material: Case Study: Memorial Health System CPOE Implementation, Week Four Grading Criteria
  • Read the case study in the University of Phoenix Material: Memorial Health System CPOE Implementation.
  • Answer the questions following the case study in the form of a 350- to 700- word paper.
  • Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
  • Submit the assignment to your instructor.

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