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Implementing Change (HCS 475 Week 2) - To successfully implement change, employees need to understand how this will benefit them and impact their daily work. One of the things is that something might look good on paper can have drawbacks that are not realized by the planners, but can be easily identified by the employees who must implement the change.

Implementing Change - Implementing change in the workplace can be difficult at times and management needs to have a plan in place on how changes will be communicated throughout the organization. Managers have an important role in implementing those changes and letting their small groups/units know about the changes in unit meetings or in coaching sessions.

Implementing Change - The role of a manager is to have compassion and admiration for all employees ethics, views and ideas. A manager should encourage an open door policy for all employees. An open door policy is Listening and responding with no judgment.

Implementing Change - In most organizations change is beginning which helps to produce growth within an organization. An organization that does not have innovation can become motionless and their competition will continue to climb.

Implementing Change - Implementing change in any organization is extremely complicated, however having a manager know the role and responsibilities they are to meet could be the difference between success and a failure. The manager must know the distinct difference in the areas that are to be changed, and how to go about handling staff resistance.

Leadership Paper - Leadership is something many people strive to be successful in. Some people are aware that there are different Styles of management and leadership; others just hope that they can succeed and do a good job.

Leadership Style Paper - Both nationally and tactfully, the nation was stronger than ever in the past. President Wilson practiced proper morals in international politics, and was committed to be the nation’s chief executive as well as a leader of the people.

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