Friedman Family Assessment Example 9

Friedman Family Assessment Example 9 sample

Family Structure for Friedman Family Assessment Example 9

Communication is appears to be difficult at times. The mother pushes to have boys to discuss their day, and activities, but the children would prefer to be talking on the phone to their friends or playing video games. Most conversation is set around meal times when there are fewer distractions. The children will use whining to obtain what they want and the mother always gives in. She states it is “a reflex” since the divorce to keep the boys happy. Frequently, the boys do express they love their mother with hugs, kisses, and I love you. When they are at their father’s home they call her at least three times day and talk for approximately 15 minutes each time. The mother is the main decision maker, however, if it is a problem or activity concerning the children that will affect the father he is brought into the decision making. This does lead to a power struggle at times between the parents if there is a disagreement. The communication between the parents is poor with anger brought into conversations frequently. Roles for the family are mother-son. The mother is struggling with the acceptance of becoming head of household, home maker, and parent. When she was married she worked part time and volunteered at the school, sports, and church. While trying to restart her life, she has met many difficulties including finances. Since the separation the children are unsure of their roles since they feel they have fewer responsibilities when with their father but have chores when they are with their mother. The children state that they also feel as if they are caregiver when their mother is sick because when she has a seizure she is very weak and fatigues afterwards. The family shares the value of being together, church, and participating in the community.

Friedman Family Assessment Example 9

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