Friedman Family Assessment Example 7

Friedman Family Assessment Example 7 Sample

Children spend time away from their parents with extended family members. All members respect T.S. and P.S.’s rules and value system. All grandmothers spank. All family members attend church regularly.

N.W. is preparing for a sleepover this weekend with two school friends. They will erect a tent in the family living room. The home is adequate for children to play.

T.S. does not have any health issues. P.S. is hypertensive. She takes two antihypertensives and has joined the gym on post. P.S. prepares all of the family’s meals and is working on portion control with her family. She searches the internet for healthy meals and variety. Every family member has a bike. All of the family members have healthy appetites but none, except P.S. are overweight. Most of her weight is in her midsection.

Friedman Family Assessment Example 7

Grocery shopping is a family affair. P.S., D.S., and N.W. are couponers. T.S. and P.S. use grocery shopping trips to teach their children how to save money and comparison shop. When P.S. cannot attend, T.S., D.S., and N.W. take over as she would if she was present.

The children get up early for school. As a result, dinner is served at 6:00 PM and everyone is in bed by 9:00. Children are not allowed to play outside until all homework is complete.

P.S. and T.S. do not drink alcohol or use illicit drugs. When the decision was made that P.S. would stop working outside the home, she started doing her own hair to save money. She also does not shop as often as she did and all purchases over $50 are shared with T.S. pre-purchase.

All immunizations are current. Healthcare is provided on the Army base. P.S., D.S., and M.W. wear glasses. D.S. has been out of braces for one year. P.S. is concerned about health care education for her family because she lost her father to hypertension, diabetes, and End Stage Renal Disease five and a half years ago.

Friedman Family Assessment Example 7

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