Friedman Family Assessment
Example 6 - NUR 405

Real Friedman Family Assessment Example 6 for the NUR 405 course

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A Friedman Assessment was conducted over a period of several days on the R. family. After identification of identifying data, developmental stages, environmental data, family structure, family functions, and family stress and coping, nursing diagnosis are formed to increase the overall health of the R. family which will then increase the community’s health. As a community nurse assessment is the first step in identifying potential and present health issues. Once identified, the nursing care plan can further progress and community interventions can be addressed.

Identifying Data

M. and D. R. live in a beautiful home in a quiet neighborhood in Fayetteville, North Carolina. On English Saddle Drive, their home sits on a corner with a wraparound porch and beautiful landscaping. D. is 35 years old and the husband, father, and leader of the household; bringing the heavier income to support his family. He is a Green Beret in the U. S. Special Forces. He is deployed more than not, overseas, which leaves M. to take care of life circumstances when he is gone, fortunately she does not currently work. D. is presently home and does not predict a deployment anytime soon; however deployments, especially with a Special Forces unit, can be unpredictable. M. is 32 years old and a wonderful supportive wife and mother. She is a Registered Nurse, but has currently been out of work for three months. She plans on becoming an at home mom and home school their children. J.R. is their three years old son. M. is also six months pregnant. They state they want the sex of this child to be a surprise. D. is the biological father of both these children. This Caucasian middle class family likes to go to a Christian church when they have the opportunity, but they are not currently a member of a local church. M. has mentioned that she would like to join a bible study group, however has not found the time, since getting ready for the baby’s arrival. All members speak English and are from the United States. D. and M. grew up in Northern Virginia and have been together since high school.

Developmental Stage and History of Family for Friedman Family Assessment Example 6

The R. family is in the Expanding Stage of their parenting years because their second child is on the way. D. and M. have both expressed their excitement. J. is ecstatic to have a sibling. He smiles and touches his mother’s belly when the idea is discussed. The family is also in between Stage II: Families with Infants and Stage III: Families with Pre-Schoolers according to Duval’s Developmental Stages of the Family (University). M. and D. have successfully fulfilled Stage I: Marriage and an Independent: The Joining of Families (University). After being married in 2001, M. and D. have shared many years of planning a family and getting to know each other. As mentioned before, M. and D. are high...[continues]

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