Friedman Family Assessment
Example 3 - NUR 405

Real Friedman Family Assessment Example 3 for the NUR 405 course

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The Friedman Family Assessment assists the nurse in assessing a family and establishing family nursing interventions. The Friedman Family Assessment allows the family nurse “to assess the family system as a whole, as part of the whole society, and as an interaction system” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2004, p. 584). This paper will review a family that consists of a mother, father, and three daughters.

Identifying Data

This family consists of the mother TV, the father JV, and three daughters LV, KV, and EV. The family lives in Paw Paw, Michigan. The mother (TV) is 42 years old and started a new job in April 2011 as a home health aide. The father (JV) is 41 years old and has been unemployed for three years and is currently on unemployment benefits, which ends in three weeks. The oldest daughter (LV) is a freshman at Western Michigan University. The middle daughter (KV) is a sophomore at Paw Paw High School. The youngest daughter (EV) is in first grade at Paw Paw Early Elementary. The family is middle-class and attends the First Presbyterian Church of Paw Paw. Primary language of the family is English. They currently rent and pay $1,100/ month. They are planning on moving and rent will be $900/month. The mother and father both graduated from high school and have attended college but did not graduate.

Developmental Stage and History of Family

The wife and husband are both in their forties and are in Erikson’s developmental stage of generativity versus stagnation. According to Stanhope & Lancaster (2004), “this stage focuses on contributions to the next generation” (p. 682). The oldest and middle age daughters are in Erikson’s developmental stage of identity versus role confusion. They youngest daughter is in Erikson’s developmental stage of industry versus inferiority. The wife and husband’s parents are both living. TV parents are very supportive and involved in helping with the children; they live within 3 miles of their house. JV parents are also supportive but live in a different community; therefore they are not as involved in helping with the children. TV is an only children and JV has a brother and sister. JV has an estranged relationship with his brother and sister because of his unemployment status.

Environmental Data for Friedman Family Assessment Example 3

The family currently rents a 4 bedroom and 2 bath home on an acre of land. The neighborhood that they reside in is middle-class. They live in a rural area and several farms surround them. The home consists of a main floor with a finished basement. They have...[continues]

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