Friedman Family Assessment
Example 2 - NUR 405

Real Friedman Family Assessment Example 2 for the NUR 405 course

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Identifying Data: The S. family resides in the E.L. subdivision in Southeast, Georgia. T.S. is 31 years old and P.S. is 32 years old. They are an African American, heterosexual, couple and have been married three years. T.S. is a soldier in the United States Army; he is a heavy machinery mechanic, has served five years, and is an E4. T.S. has deployed twice; once to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. P.S. is a stay at home mom and operates a small catering business from their home.

The couple has five children; D.S. (son) age 13, N.W. (daughter) age 10, M.W. (daughter) age 6, T.S., Jr (son) age 4, and G.S. (son) age 6 months. They are active members of a local church and are involved in the choir, dance ministry, and drama ministry. For recreation the family plays WII games, visits family, goes fishing, hiking, and attends various military sponsored functions.

Developmental Stage and History of Family (for Friedman Family Assessment Example 2)

T.S. enjoys a close relationship with his mother who visits and assists with household chores and babysitting often. She also has a good relationship with her daughter-in-law. In April, T.S. saw his biological father for the first time in 15 years. He has one younger sister.

P.S. talks to her mother daily and visits monthly. Her father is deceased. She has seven sisters and three brothers. She is birth order number seven. P.S. is in her second marriage. She divorced her first husband of six years because of drugs and infidelity. She still talks to him about important issues concerning their daughters and her husband is accepting of this parental relationship. She also remains involved with her former mother and sister-in-laws and they attend most family functions. It is a six hour round trip to take the girls for visits, etc.

D.S.’s father is a manager for a well-known athlete; however he holds a Master’s Degree from a prominent university. D.S. visits his father’s family ( a three hour round trip), who still resides in his mother’s hometown, on holidays and school breaks. Both parents share custody but decided that D.S. would spend the majority of his time with his mother to provide stability. Prior to the discontinuance of the court-imposed visitation schedule, D.S. spent a great deal of time with a nanny...[continues]

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